These traditional romanian instruments contribute by creating a dark and authentic Romanian atmosphere.

Buciumul (trâmbția) is a wooden horn, 3 meters long, made from spruce, covered in birch tree bark, still used by shepherds in the Rarău Mountains for signaling. Its presence nowadays includes Northern Romania as a musical instrument in traditional manifestations. The buciums used on this album were recorded in the natural surroundings of Moara Dracului.

Cavalul (kaval) is a wooden pipe with tonalities in the low register, present in the life of shepherds throughout all Carpathians and Balkans. Its sound is warm, melancholic and pleasant. The cavals used in the recordings are made of cherry tree.

Fluierul (pipe) is a wooden instrument with tonalities in the middle and high register, present in the life of shepherds for sheep soothing and entertainment. Often with six holes, the shepherd's pipe is a common pastoral image. The pipes used on this recording are made of elder tree.

Drâmba (mouth harp) is a lamellophone instrument present in many cultures and thought to be one of the oldest instruments in the world. Its presence in the Romanian traditional music is nowadays rare, but still used in isolated villages.