August 2011 - Noaptea Dihăniilor - digipak release by Marțolea, under my independent label, Dedesubtul Rarăului Întunecat. The album can be purchased directly from me (more about it here).

Those who reside in Romania can purchase the album here:

Let'sRock . ro

Bestial . ro


19 October 2010 - Noaptea Dihăniilor - full length album release by Marțolea (digital release for now). The whole album can be downloaded for free from the Music Section or streamed from Myspace. The lyrics (in Romanian) can be found in the Releases section. Enjoy!

February 2009 - Unfortunately it is not possible to buy Gâlmele Întunericului demo if you are residing outside Romania. If you are a reviewer or a fanzine/magazine and want to get the physical release, please write me and I will see what can be arranged.

January 2009 - The Demo Gâlmele Întunericului was self-released. It is available for free download on the MUSIC page!